Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I have troubles with roasts in the past. They are either too dry, or really soupy. But this one turned out good.


Potatoes, chunked
Roast (I used a deer roast)
1 Package onion soup mix

Put the carrots, onion, and potaotes in the crockpot. Mix them together good. Put the roast on top. I sprinkled the onion soup mix over it all, and then turned the roast over, and sprinked the rest on the top. Plugged the crockpot on low for like 6-8 hours. Just make sure it is done.

I really liked this. I had to put some salt on it. Greg didn't have any the 1st time, he ate it in leftovers. He said it wasn't bad. Will have to do this again.

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